Mission and Vision

With everything we do, we want to create value for our stakeholders in the design, construction and management of infrastructure projects, by being a reliable, innovative, technology and solution driven partner and by showing courage. At the same time, we always operate with respect for the local environment and welfare of people. It is the mission of Strukton to contribute to the quality and safety of rail transport, road infrastructure, plants and buildings. That means developing technologies, integrate solutions and continuously innovation.

Our Vision

Rail and Civil infrastructure both demand a high availability. In areas where there is strong economic growth, such as the Middle-East, Indonesia, Chile, Columbia and India, there is a growing need for an improvement of the infrastructure  and/or an extension thereof. In these countries, there are cities that can develop further as the urban infrastructure improves.

We therefore are committed to enhance the connectivity of cities and ports in order to strengthen the economy and the living standards of local communities. We aim to become an important player in the international field of infrastructure projects and by deploying our specialised know-how and capabilities, we want to be a trustworthy partner for our stakeholders.