Health and Safety

Maintaining and optimizing our safety culture, supported by competent safety management, pertains to every stage of the construction process: from the tender phase through to operational management and maintenance. This is not without cause. After all, care for the environment and safety are part of our social responsibility, and that of our clients. Experience has also shown that a positive safety culture increases yield.

24Safe website

24Safe is our safety programme that applies to all our people and projects. Safety is more than just complying with rules. Safety is being able to hold your colleagues to account. The point is, you take responsibility and ensure that we can work safe.

We have created a couple of tools that contribute to realising our goal: 

“Working together to create a Proactive Safety culture within Strukton and our partners.”

24Safe characterises itself by the positive approach to safety and craftsmanship; it’s not just looking at incidents and hazardous situations, but also looking at participation and commitment of employees to constrain safety related risks. We stimulate leadership, craftsmanship and cooperation in safety.

Only when we focus on safety together we can prevent accidents from happening!