Perfect interaction of people and technology

As a leading player in the global market for railway projects, civil-engineering projects and comprehensive infrastructure projects, Strukton International is engaged in the construction of transport systems in countries with fast-growing economies and within densely populated areas.

As these markets grow and develop, so does their demand for a high-quality infrastructure that is also solid from a quantitative point of view. These projects may include developing new transport systems in metropolitan areas, facilitating or improving the accessibility of port areas, and managing various types of energy transport. Operating in this context, we aim to help improve all aspects of mobility and accessibility on a permanent basis, because it is these two qualities which are inextricably linked with – and are an important boost to – economic growth and the quality of life in these countries.

We have two key assets to help us achieve this objective. The first is our extensive experience with the construction, project management and maintenance of high-quality infrastructure systems – covering railways, ports, roads and airports – combined with our in-house technical specialisations. These go from immersion tunnels and foundation engineering to horizontal directional drilling and modified bitumen, traction systems for rolling stock, monitoring systems for railways and other transport systems, energy systems, and everything in between.

Our second asset is not as easy to describe in concrete terms: it is the way we operate, which has made us the company we are today. This is about our people rather than our technologies: being persistent, daring, empathetic and creative, they are what drives the high-quality, safe and sustainable infrastructures we build, which always perfectly match the goals and aspirations of our clients, as well as meeting user demands. It is this interaction of people and technology which is our greatest strength.