Sustainable energy

There is a growing demand for sustainably energy and this demand is only set to grow further. Strukton is committed to help achieve the international climate objectives. As part of our efforts, we focus on the development, implementation and maintenance of sustainable energy sources – both onshore and offshore, all over the world.

Tidal energy

In 2013, a new approach was developed by Strukton to build tidal applications where tidal energy is converted into electricity, thereby reducing installation and maintenance costs, increasing the power output and creating alternative uses. The main goal for tidal energy, and more specifically Tidal Bridge, is to contribute to the energy transition and the development of remote area’s with the generation of electricity and the development of infrastructure.

April 2017, Tidal Bridge BV - a joint venture of Strukton International and DEC - has started the feasibility study for the Palmerah Tidal Bridge project in Indonesia. The Palmerah Tidal Bridge project has the National Strategic Project status, emphasizing the national interest. The project includes the construction of a floating bridge together with the world’s largest tidal power plant. Read more.

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Waste water treatment plant

Since the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2016, Strukton International is cooperating with Verdygo BV in the marketing of a modular system for waste water treatment in the Middle East.

Waste water plant Verdygo