Our Specialisms

Our portfolio contains a wide range of specialisations which enables us to tackle challenging projects from start to finish and bring them to a successful conclusion. For complex projects, we devise distinctive total solutions, but we also use that same knowledge, expertise and innovation to provide tailor-made solutions for smaller, specialized projects.

  • High quality asphalt products

    Ooms PMB (part of Strukton International) is aiming to create value for owners, managers and users of infrastructures by providing the best asphalt products available in combination with the best service and support.

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  • Sustainable energy

    There is a growing demand for sustainably energy and this demand is only set to grow further. Strukton is committed to help achieve the international climate objectives.

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  • Immersion and underwater technology

    Strukton is worldwide market leader in immersed tunnels. Strukton Immersion Projects (SImP) is the specialist company of Strukton International for the floatation, transport and immersion of tunnel elements and caissons.

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  • Foundation technology

    Strukton is a leading specialist in foundations, providing a very wide selection of products.

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  • Injection technique

    This specialism involves the stabilization of soils (walls, grounds) in order to improve the bearing capacity of the ground. The activities around injection are deployed in building pits, tunnels and other engineering projects.

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