Strukton to renovate NS maintenance facility in Leidschendam

19 July 2017

The Dutch National Railways (NS) maintenance facility in Leidschendam will be renovated. To be able to maintain the new generation of train equipment, the maintenance hall will be lengthened and raised. Strukton won the tender on the basis of its Best Value approach, in which quality was decisive.

Leidschendam - feestelijke start bouw 

Leo van Dongen, NS Engineering Director, and Evert Lemmen, Strukton Worksphere General Manager, bore the last pile into the ground on Tuesday, 18 July, thus giving the green light for the renovation of the Leidschendam Maintenance Facility.

Ready for the Future

The maintenance hall will be longer and higher, to ready it for the maintenance of the 118 New Generation Sprinters. In these trains, the technical systems are located on the roof. The raised hall will have working platforms at just the right height. NS Maintenance Company decided to do the renovation at the same time as the structural modifications that are desirable and required for efficient, safe and sustainable use over the long term. The maintenance facility must have the right set-up length and a higher roof, and must also have the proper facilities. This will enable technicians to better maintain Sprinter equipment in the near future.

Progressive Technology

“The ability to meet the changing demand for transport capacity requires new progressive technology. Strukton, together with its clients, anticipates this issue. We are building a new 175-metre-long modern maintenance hall, while maintenance work continues as usual.”

Evert Lemmen, Strukton Worksphere General Manager

Leo van Dongen, NS Engineering Director, adds:

“We were looking for a contractor not only capable of delivering high quality, but who can also help us determine the best solution for the renovation. This renovation is a challenge for Strukton, because it must be possible for the maintenance of the trains to continue as usual. There is a capstan in the old hall that during the renovation must remain in operation for a long period of time. Technicians must experience the least possible inconvenience from the renovation. Strukton had the best possible proposal for achieving this.”

Integrated Approach

The knowledge of various Strukton companies will be used in constructing the new maintenance hall. Part of the existing hall will be demolished by GBN Waste Management, and Strukton Milieutechniek will look after soil decontamination. Colijn will construct the foundation for the new hall. Strukton Worksphere will subsequently construct the superstructure, a new 175-metre-long hall, including all technical systems. The existing capstan system, the basement where the train bogies are disassembled and assembled, will continue to be in operation during the construction. Strukton Rail will install the tracks in the new maintenance hall and will connect the tracks. With this integrated approach, Strukton will achieve a safe and modern maintenance hall for maintaining the new Sprinters. 

LeidschendamWith a dynamic linear pattern, the architect created a design that ensures this large-sized building will seamlessly fit into its surroundings.