27th International Railway Safety Council 2017

16 November 2017

The International Railway Safety Council (IRSC) is a forum that brings together rail safety professionals from around the globe in order to exchange information and provide experiences and lessons for improving rail safety. The IRSC is organised annually since 1990.


Strukton International was invited on behalf of MTR (Mass Transit Railway, the metro operator company in Hong Kong), a valued potential client for Strukton in the area of depot renovations/facilities and also host of IRSC 2017 event in Hong Kong. Strukton International participated in this council for the first time. Mr. Alex Ruiter delivered a detailed presentation about safety precautions for urgent maintenance works on the railway infrastructure and shared Strukton’s view in a discussion panel.

Being present at the IRSC forum is important to enhance our reputation in Asia and elsewhere, strengthen our relationship with MTR Corporation and to share our expertise and knowledge on high standard technological innovations.