Strukton’s 95th anniversary!

13 December 2016

Our company was established on 13 December 1921, exactly 95 years ago. Our name at that time was NV Spoorwegbouwbedrijf. 95 years of developments and challenges were awaiting us. We grew. We innovated. We accrued loads of knowledge and experience. We broadened our activities: from the construction of buildings to civil and track construction, later also including design, maintenance and management. Sometimes even the financial and operation components.

Strukton 95 jaar 

Our technological orientation became more and more important. We developed measuring and monitoring systems, sensor technologies, immersion techniques, and more. Our work has become increasingly mechanised and we are remotely monitoring systems with limited human involvement. We analyse big data from buildings and infrastructures for predictive maintenance.


We also went abroad. Having started in the Netherlands, we made our first steps towards Belgium in 1994, followed by Italy and Scandinavia. We now have full-service operations in several countries in Europe. We are marketing our specialities and technologies worldwide, such as the immersion project in South Korea and the major metro project in Riyadh. We are also exploring the markets in Australia and the United States. More than 50% of our turnover is made outside of the Netherlands.

We look forward to our 100th anniversary!

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