Strukton Immersion Projects first to install gravity based foundation

15 June 2016

Strukton Immersion Projects has been awarded the contract by BAM Infra and BAM Nutall for the float out, transportation, installation and ballasting of five Gravity Based Foundations (GBF), part of the Blyth Offshore Wind demonstration contract for EDF Energy Renewables.


The windmill foundation has been designed and engineered by BAM Infraconsult and is a first in gravity based foundation. The foundation consists of a concrete shade conus with a diameter of 30 meters with a steel pipe of 60 meters.

After the construction in the Neptune 4 dock in Newcastle upon Tyne, the GBFs will be towed to Shepherd quay to be prepared for the river towing. The GBFs will then be towed to the riverside quay downstream of Shepherd to be trimmed with ballast concrete to the immersion configuration.

Construction works for the project has started and the float out, transportation, installation and sand ballasting of the GBFs will commence in March 2017.

The offshore windfarm is located 5.7 kilometers off the coast of Blyth, Northumberland Great Britain.